Sleeping…for now.

He slowly opened the door to find her sleeping soundly. Sighing lightly, he pulled off his shirt and began to unbuckle his belt. It was a miracle she was sleeping at all considering it was the middle of a hot, relentless heat wave. As his eyes adjusted to the dim settings he took more notice of her. She was sprawled out in a pair of cotton boy shorts and one of his t-shirts. The was no blanket covering her and as her chest rose and fell in a steady rhythm he notice she wasn’t wearing a bra. The clicking sound of his belt had stirred her, but not enough to actually wake her. As she tossed lightly, he noticed her smooth bronze legs bending at the knees. Another deep breath. It was so hot, almost as if the heat was composed of thick chains meant to keep him locked up. Off came his boxers. Walking over to the bed, he rested one of his hands on her leg. Kneeling on the mattress, his other hand found her other leg as he brought his lips to her calf. Leaving a trail of light kisses, he slowly made his way up to her thighs. By now she was more alert, but not completely awake.

“It’s too hot,” she protested trying to pull her legs up. That didn’t stop him as he tried to pry her legs open.

“Maybe you should take some clothes off then.”

“Seriously, it’s so hot.”

Suddenly he drew two fist around her hips and yanked off her boy shorts.

“Is that better?” He took the underwear and used them to loosely tie her wrists to the bed post.

“It’s still too hot,” she moaned softly.

Straddling her hips, he began to blow cool air on her neck and ears. His hands then traveling up from her hips, to her sides and then her shoulders. When they got there all that could be heard was the tearing of fabric as he ripped her shirt off.

“Better?” he asked with a smirk.

“Much.” she sighed. His fingertips then traveled down her neck, tracing over her stomach and reaching back to her breasts. His thumbs flicked over her nipples as they slowly rose to attention. Soon enough his tongue was on them as he alternated between licking and blowing. She moaned gently, struggling slightly against her restraints, her hips and legs squirming. His mouth traveling down her stomach, back down to her legs. He began to knead her thighs and calves, slowing torturing her as she grew wetter. Kissing turned to sucking as her skin began to grow purple with splotches. Her moans grew faster in pace as she squirming became more urgent. She began to twist in turn, trying to find some end to the relentless teasing. Finally his lips found her mound, licking and sucking as his hands hoisted her knees on his shoulders. As his tongue flicked over her clit, his fingers dove in greedily. The relief at finally being touched was quickly gone as she began to grind against his hand. Her wetness coated his hand and face as he dove deeper into her soft folds. Faster, harder, his tongue went, alternating between that and light sucking. Her back arched and her legs began to tense up. Suddenly she began to buck against his face. Just as her legs were about to lock around his neck, he swiftly popped up and rammed his throbbing manhood into her. She screamed in ecstasy as he began to pump fiercely into her, now feeding his own desire for her. Her wrists had grown tired from fighting her restraints but he didn’t care, as her breasts began to jerk to and fro as his thrusts grew more powerful. However without warning, she ripped through her restraints, and he was now flat on his back. He must of had a surprised look on his face as she smirked.

“Too hot?” Her hands drew lightly over his neck and chest as she straddled him. Repositioning herself over his manhood, she began to twist and grind her hips, throughly soaking his. Her fingernails dragged over his sex lines, driving him absolutely insane. Her grabbed onto her hips and began bouncing her on top of him. Her breast jumped as she threw her head back in pleasure. His hand again found his way in her as his thumb slowly massaged her clit again. For the second time her walls began to contract and her legs gave way to the waves of pleasure coursing through her, it’s only release being found in her screams. Seeing her in such a state sent him over the edge, and he finally felt himself release inside of her, leaving the only remains of their tryst dripping between them and onto the sweat stains sheets.

5 questions for the new administrator.

These are the questions I asked two women who want to be an admin for this page.

1.) Are you against posting your cleavage for our fans to see? If no, please send me a picture or two to the gmail account. It will be posted for the fans to see.

2.) Why do you think you’ll be a good Administrator?

3.) What kind of ideas do you have for the page?

4.) What can you do to get the page more fans?

5.) Do you have anything to say to the fans that will help them vote for you?

This woman, would like to be called Momma’s Juice The first 5 answers are from her.

1. no I’m not against my cleavage being posted.
2. Why I think i will be a good administrator I am a people person.
3. Ideas for the page are to get others that I know on here and to make sure i can get lots of great pics.
4. Since I am a people person and love to talk and meet new people all the time and I can get friends of friends for fans.
5. For the fans I promise if I get the spot to do my best and try to get them what they want and to be fair about it.

This girl wants to be called Lynz

1.) No, dear! It’s already been done! See you soon. ;)
2.) Um… I’m always online via mobile, for one. I love a good laugh and a good debate. Plus, I love boobies… We have so much in common!!! I am a hilariously good time. I can be smart (LOL), but I’m also a fucking moron. I have some awesome stories…
3.) Lesbians, librarians, cheerleaders, school girls, bondage… <3 Too bad Facebook has so many rules. My collection is awesome… I’m sure I could make a wicked public thing like that wet t-shirt page!
4.) SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Everyone loves to see a nice pair of tits, even straight girls. (Don’t try and deny it, ladies!) Keep up on the page, love it good. Answer questions and actually talk to people. Plus, post kick ass pics is a nice plus! …And maybe some Metallica, who knows.
5.) Um… You’re cute. ;)
No… I think I’m MADE FOR THIS! Coming from someone who digs chicks and guys, I have a wonderful perspective on life. LOL. Why not?

Ok, so there you have their answers, please leave a comment under this link on the FB page and give us your vote.

Maveric and Jess

You make me unbelievably wet.

He was an older guy, and his confidence & humor turned me on like no other. The way he was so casual, so cool, so calm.. drove me wild. The fact that he didn’t pay me much attention, drove me insane. I wanted.. needed.. craved his attention. Every time I saw him, I just licked my lips and wanted so badly to taste him.. and when I looked at the bulge in his pants.. my mind went nuts. I so badly wanted him to just bend me over and take complete advantage of my wet pulsing pussy, that so badly ached for him.

I couldn’t think of how I could get him. I had come up with a few plans but none seemed coy enough to have him alone. So, I went with a classic. “I need help on an English paper” seemed pretty legit.. in my mind. I went about my plan anyways. Called him up, explained that I was in a pinch and needed help asap. He complied, told me to come over later. I did. But, I didn’t go unprepared. I threw on some lacey lingerie under my ass-hugging jeans & low cut shirt. I grabbed my bag, and left.

I arrived at his house later than expected. It was pushing 11pm, but he still welcomed me in. We sat down on his couch and I showed him what I was working on. He glanced over it, and we talked for a bit. The whole time we talked, I just imagined those lips, which were spilling such sexy intelligence, pressed against mine. I inched closer. He looked up, smiled, and continued discussing my paper. I leaned in, making sure there was full view of my cleavage, and pretended to intently listen. He glanced up, gazed into my eyes.. then lowered his gaze to my cleavage line. He smirked.. it drove me nuts.. and went back to my paper. I couldn’t take it. I knew he wanted me. I knew it. I couldn’t… take.. it.. anymore.. so I snatched my paper from his hands, threw it over my shoulder, and pressed myself against him with a long, sexy kiss. He gripped my hair and kissed me back, so hard, yet so soft.

I straddled him, and continued kissing. I felt him grow hard under me, his bulge pressing against my pants.. and I let a moan escape. He pulled away, and laughed.

“Eager are we?” He said with a smirk.

I winked. “Nah, just getting started, old man.”

He laughed and pulled me back in for some deep, sexy, tongue filled kisses. He pushed me onto the couch, and pulled himself on top of me. He was so strong, I couldn’t even move from his grip. He pinned me there for a while, as one of his hands moved under my shirt. When he realized there was a little surprise for him, he growled into my ear, “I want to see what you have hiding. Let me see you.” I writhed. He licked my ear, sucked, and moved to my neck, then suddenly whipped my shirt off, right over my head. He sat up, pulling me up to stand in front of him, and smiled.

“Fuck.. it’s like Christmas. When can I unwrap?” He murmered.

I purposed turned around slowly, giving him a view of my lacy lingerie that just reached the tip of my ass. I swayed my hips, and played with my hair.

“I dunno.. have you been naughty? We all know you don’t get gifts if you were naughty..” I replied with a smirk.

“I get what I want.” He said with a wink, as he abruptly stood up. “Now, sit down.”

I did exactly what he said. I sat down on the couch. He kneeled in front of me, and before I could say or do anything, he spread my legs open, pulled me forward by my hips, and I immediately felt his tongue dip into my hot pussy. I threw my head back and let out a sigh. The rhythm of his tongue was mind blowing. He dipped, sucked, licked and nibbled. He had such a firm grip on my thighs, tightly wrapping them around his head. I felt his tongue go deeper into me, tasting all of the warm cum that was spilling out for him. I felt him add a finger, then two, and I gasped. He sucked on my little pink clit that ached for him, and he rubbed his fingers against my g spot with such swift, gentle yet forceful motions that I felt myself grow hotter.. and hotter.. and hotter… I felt my pussy tighten, and I threw my headback- digging my nails into his hair and moaning his name. I started to feel my legs shake.. my toes curled.. and it happened. My orgasm had me screaming. But he didn’t stop. He kept licking.. sucking.. tugging.. biting.. eating my pussy so fucking amazingly that I questioned every partner I’ve ever had & if they actually ate my pussy.. because this felt NOTHING like those times. It was an out of this world, mind blowing orgasm.

After I let out a final “YESSS” moan & shuddered, he pulled back. I heard the *smack” of his mouth release from sucking my clit. He looked at me, and smiled.

“You taste so good.” He moaned.

“I bet you taste better..” I said.

With a wink, I sat up and asked him to take a seat. He obeyed with a smirk. I kneel in between his legs and saw his bulge pressing through his jeans. I traced his bulge ever so slightly with my finger as I pulled him in for a deep, sexy kiss. As I rubbed his bulge a bit, I sucked on his tongue; swirling mine around his, slowly nibbling on his lower lip, then tugging ever so gently. He let a moan escape.

I smiled & unzipped his pants, pulling both them & his briefs down in one swift shot; revealing one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen. It was perfect. So big, but not too big, and the perfect thickness. I was so pleased. I wrapped a hand around the bottom of his shaft, and placed my mouth on the top. I took him in all at once, letting him reach the back of my throat. He gasped. I moaned a bit, letting the vibrations ride through his throbbing dick. I sucked his dick, rolling my tongue up and down, licking every inch. I pulled my mouth off with a pop and slowly started moving my hands up and down his dick; twisting them slightly while still slowly going up & down. He leaned his head back and moaned some more. I licked the tip of his dick, making small circes with my tongue, then sucked on the tip some more, before pushing him all the way back into my mouth.

I bobbed my head some more, taking him in and out, using my hands in between. Taking one of my hands, I untied my lingerie top, leaving my tits to be bare. I then moved his cock in between my tits, all the while still sucking. He stared at me, mouth wide. I kneeled there, sucking, kissing, licking, slurping.. rubbing my tits all over his cock.. letting my nipples graze the tip.. using my hands to rub him some more.. rubbing his balls.. mmm. All of it. All over his throbbing dick.

I felt his cock twitch. I knew he was close to cumming.

“No.” I said. I didn’t want him to cum. I wanted us to cum together.

I pulled away, got up, and sat on his lap. His dick was throbbing, and he was panting. “Why.. what.. ?” He panted.

“I want to fuck you.” I said coyly. He smiled, grabbed a condom from the table, and slipped it on.

I put my hands on his knees, pushed myself up slightly so that my body was arched towards him, and I lowered my wet pussy down & slipped over his cock.

I threw my head back and sighed, as he moaned. I slowly started rocking my hips, back and forth, up and down, sliding over and onto his cock. He thrusted his hips, causing his dick to go deeper into me…

I threw my head back and moaned his name. After he thrusted his hips, I lifted my pussy off of his cock and teased the head. I slowly glided my pussy against his cock, my wet pussy leaving a glistening trail over the tip. He moaned.

“Fuck me, please.” He begged.

“Nope.” I winked. I circled my hips, in such a way that my clit rubbed against his cock. It felt so fucking good, and I was so fucking wet. Looking into his begging eyes, drove me nuts. Knowing how badly he wanted me, how badly he wants to feel my tight pussy around him again, drove me wild.

“Why are you teasing me? Come on, give me more.” He moaned, in a hoarse voice. “Now that I’ve felt you, I don’t want it to stop.”

I took him in for a hard, deep kiss. He took this as a cue to thrust his dick back inside of me. I gasped, and clung to him. I started to rock my hips harder and faster, in a way that I could feel his length fill me up completely. He kept his hands on my hips as he guided them, slowly gliding my tight, throbbing, wet pussy over his hard cock. I steadied myself by putting my hands on his shoulders, as I continued to bounce up and down. His eyes fell to my tits, and suddenly he took my nipple into his mouth. He sucked, nibbled, swirled his tongue over my hard nipple. I moaned, feeling my whole body start to grow hot.

I pulled his head away from my breast. “I want you to fuck me from behind” I whispered. He didn’t hesitate. In one swift motion he lifted me off of him and bent me over the arm of his couch.

“Now spread your legs nice and wide, baby. I want to see that pink pussy. I want to see all of you, and I want you to take my dick in as far as you can. I want to feel every inch of your little pussy, you hear me?” He spanked me.

I yelped, and writhed. “Yes. Yes.. Fuck. Yes.”

“Good girl. Now spread open. Let me see you. All of you.”

I obliged quickly, throwing my ass back and spreading my legs so wide, ass in the air, hands on the arm of the couch. I turned my heard to watch his gaze.

“Fuck. Yes, yes yes.” He grabbed my ass, and slowly slid his length inside of me. He felt so good. He was the perfect length, the perfect thickness. I felt him glide against my gspot.

He started fucking me hard, pulling my hips towards him, his balls smacking against my pussy. He went faster, and harder, and deeper. I started getting loud.

“Yes… yess… fuck.. yess. FUCK. Fuck me… mmmmm. Mmmm” I moaned, and gasped, getting louder, and louder.

He smacked my ass in sync with every thrust. We were getting louder, and things were getting so intense. My body was on fire, and I felt myself starting to writhe- I knew I was going to cum.

Suddenly, we heard his front door knob open, and a gasp. We stopped, and looked towards the door. I prayed to God I was just hearing things. We didn’t hear any cars pull up, we didn’t hear anything. We were so locked up in the moment. I slowly turned my gaze towards the doorway.

His wife, with grocery bags in her hands, was standing there… in awe.

“What.. the fuck.. is happening here?” His wife gasped.

I jumped up, grabbing my shirt off the ground to cover myself. “Oh my gosh.. oh my gosh uhh.. I’m gonna go!” I murmered.

He pulled his pants up. “Uhm. Babe.. I didn’t know you were going to be home so soon..”

“No fucking shit.” She spat. She threw her purse down and stomped over to me with her hands raised. I flinched, expecting her to hit me. I closed my eyes, waiting for a blow to the head, chest, face, anywehere. Something. I kept thinking in my head “how stupid are you?! Why did you do this?!”. But then, I felt her hand in my hair. I opened my eyes. She stood there, 2 inches from my face, smiling and twirling my hair.

He looked just as confused as I was, until a smile creeped across his face. “You mad, baby?”

She bit her lip. “Hell no. She’s perfect.”

I then realized what was about to happen, and I felt my pussy grow hotter and wetter. Just as I was hoping, his wife leaned in for a hot, sexy, wet kiss. I kissed her back so hard, as her hands tore my shirt off and she ran her fingers over my nipples. I sighed into her ear as she ran her tongue over my nipples; slowly at first, then she took my nipple into her mouth and sucked hard. At this point, my pussy was dripping.

He came over to us, and starting kissing my neck. I was in heaven. Her lips on my breasts, his on my neck. I couldn’t contain myself. I slowly slide my fingers into her pants, unbuttoning them & pulling them to the ground.
“bedroom. Now.” I commanded.

The three of us scampered off and once the door was shut, I was pushed onto the bed. My legs were spread immediately, and forcefully. Before I knew it, his cock was deep inside me once again, and his wife was kissing me and playing with my breasts. It was bliss. I moaned and cried out. He was so deep inside of me. The combomnation of his deep thrusts and her hot mouth on my nipples.. neck.. stomach.. lips.. I was shaking. I felt my pussy grow hotter and I knew I was going to cum. The way he was moaning and gasping, I knew he was going to cum to. I never thought it was possible to cum in unison with someone; but we did, at that moment. I yelled out his name, he yelled out mine. I felt him shudder, and he collapsed on top of me. His wife stood up and laughed.

“I’m not finished with you, girl.” She grinned.

I was still laying there panting, shivering, from orgasming so hard. She pryed my legs open, exposing my raw pussy. “I can’t.. do… anymore” I moaned. “Oh, yes you can.” She smirked. And at that moment, I felt her cold wet tongue dip into my pussy, and I felt a finger slip inside of me. I moaned. Surprisingly, it felt so good, even after how hard I was just fucked. Her husband got up and sat in a chair, watching the sexy show being put on for him. She ate my pussy for a while. Dipping her tongue, sucking and nibbling on my clit, swirling her tongue around my clit, sliding her fingers up to stroke my gspot.. mmm. I arched my back and threw my head back, letting go and embracing yet another hard orgasm that was building up. I was getting loud- yelling her name. I felt myself cumming, and I rode it out- her mouth never left my pussy. I felt myself squirt a little, and she licked that up. When I collapsed, she got up, smiled, and said “I have places to be. I’ll see ya later, babe.” She leaned in, kissed her husband, and strutted out.

I layed there in awe. He stood up. “You’d better get going. I have work early in the morning.” He left.

I couldn’t believe what just happened. It was the sexiest night of my life. Before I left, I jotted down on a piece of paper, and left it on the night stand.